World’s Best Beer at GBSA 2016

One of the most successful breweries in the long-term GBSA's evaluation Primator Brewery, has registered beers in 18 out of 29 categories! The top quality of its beers is guaranteed by the excellent results achieved not only at the Gold Brewer's Seal Awards (10 gold medals for the past 6 years), but also at other international competitions.

Primator Weizenbier was even declared, coincidentally also in Great Britain, the World's Best Beer across all categories. In 2013 it received the following titles at the World Beer Awards competition: WBA World's Best Beer, WBA World's Best Wheat, WBA World's Best GOLD, and WBA Europe GOLD 2013. Primator Premium Dark was awarded the title of Europe's Best Dark Lager at the same competition in the same year.

In this year has Primator from the Brussels Beer Challenge gold medal for Primator Weizenbier in the category Wheat (Weizen), bronze medal for Primator Premium Dark in the category Dark Lager.

Primator Brewery has existed since 1872. The brewery is located in Náchod (East Bohemia). Beers from Primator Brewery are made with high quality water from the Adršpach–Teplice Rocks – a National Nature Reserve