The Best from West Germany!

The Federal State of Baden–Württemberg is also going to be represented in České Budějovice.

The Waldhaus Brewery is a small private brewery situated in the Swarzwald Nature Park at the tip of Baden-Baden-Württemberg, in the vicinity of the French and Swiss borders.
The brewery is one of the few breweries in Germany that uses only natural hops.
Its two basic principles lie in: "utmost care" and "maximum patience".
It´s probably thanks to this philosophy that the brewery has produced excellent beer for more than 180 years. And its beers are still successful. Their collection of prestigious awards from recent years is very impressive.

2008 - Gold Medal: World Beer Cup: Waldhaus Light Line (European-Style Low-Alcohol Lager / German-Style Leicht)
2010 - Gold Medal: European Beer Star: Waldhaus ohne Filter (German-Style Kellerbier Hell)
2012 - Gold Medal: WBA (World's Best Seasonal Lager & Europe's Best Seasonal Lager): Waldhaus ohne Filter (Helles / Munchner Lager)
2013 - Silver Medal: WBA (Europe's Silver): Waldhaus Classic 2.9 (Low Carb Lager)
2014 - Gold Medal: World Beer Cup: Waldhaus Sommer Bier (European-Style Low-Alcohol Lager / German-Style Leicht)
2014 - Gold Medal: WBA (World's Best Gold & Europe's Gold): Waldhaus Diplom Pils (German Pilsener Lager)
2014 - Gold Medal: WBA (World's Best Gold & Europe's Gold): Waldhaus Sommer Bier (Low Carb Lager)

The Waldhaus Brewery sends to the Gold Brewer's Seal Awards all of its all-star beers.
Waldhaus Sommerbier (Light Beer)
Waldhaus Diplom Pils (Pale Lager)
Waldhaus Spezial Gold (Pale Lager Premium)
Waldhaus Schwarzwald Weisse (Wheat Beer)
Waldhaus ohne Filter (Unfiltered Beer)
Waldhaus ohne Filter extra herb (Unfiltered Beer)