The Best from Austria!

Brauhaus Gusswerk
After the first major success at the Europe's largest brewing competition, European Beer Star in Germany in 2011, where this small craft brewery won bronze Gusswerk Edelguss (in the category of 'Bottom Fermented Beer with Alternative Cereals'), the owner and brewer Reinhold Barta said: "We are extremely pleased now, but we will continue to work with the quality, craftsmanship, heart and brains on the variety of tastes and the establishing of craft beer in Austria!“ He did as he said, and other medals and achievements quickly followed.

In 2013 he even won gold at the Gusswerk Weizenguss European Beer Star (in the category of 'South German-Style Hefeweizen / Bernsteinfarben'). Gusswerk Dies Irae earned bronze at the same competition the following year (2014) in the category of 'Ultra Strong Beer'.

Reinhold Barta is regarded as a bio-beer pioneer in Austria and he enjoys enormous respect and has great reputation among brewers and beer experts. He has been awarded the title of "Staatsmeister der österreichischen Kleinbrauereien" repeatedly (ie. "National Master of Craft Brewing in Austria").

Brauhaus Gusswerk successfully exports its beers to the world (eg. the USA, Norway and Finland). If you go to the Alps, visiting the brewery house Gusswerk in Hof near Salzburg and tasting its beers should be a 'social obligation'!

Gusswerk is sending no fewer than six of their superior beers to the GBSA in České Budějovice together with its Papagena Bio-Cider, which will try to succeed among the fermented fruit ciders.

Four young lads from Vienna, who make and tune up their beers in cooperation with the brewing house Gusswerk, won bronze at the Europe's largest brewing competition European Beer Star in Germany. Their Collab Bier Nussknacker Barley Wine broke through in the category of 'Ultra Strong Beer'.

Successful Nussknacker is going to compete in the same category in České Budějovice. BrewAge will courageously try its luck in other highly prestigious categories: Hopfenauflauf in the category of Ale Affenkönig in the category of India Pale Ale Chicxulub in the category of Stout & Porter

Geroldinger Brauhaus
Geroldinger brewery house is attractively situated on the bank of the Danube River and the foothills of the Alps near St. Pölten. The location is not the only remarkable thing associated with this small brewery; the other fact is that Geroldinger beer is made by a woman. Nadine Willach, a young brewery co-owner coming from Bavaria, has a deep affection for beer and truly cares about its quality. Her husband and she got inspired for building the brewery during their trip to Scotland. In 2012 the project was supposed to be finished but shortly before completion everything was destroyed by arson and had to be started again. However, this did not discourage the owners; they never abandoned their plan. Geroldinger Brauhaus presently produces mainly specials tuning up its production by seasons: hearty yeast "Lent" beer in the time of fasting, orange-cinnamon beer in winter, refreshing and slightly aromatic beer in summer. The range of different types of beer is plentiful: maibock, honey, elderflower, herb or coffee special, strong "hard bock ", wheat weizen, marzen, helles, keller pils, zwickl, rye ... With its hemp special Geroldinger won the Austrian microbrewery championship.

In České Budějovice we will taste:
Geroldinger Smoky Oak (in the categories of Strong Dark Beer and Flavoured Beer) Geroldinger Chocolate Porter (Stout & Porter) Geroldinger Festbock (Strong Dark Beer)

Hölzl Bräu, a small brewery from Wieselburg (between Linz and St. Pölten), adds to the variety of interesting Austrian participants. Production of this brewery will not be tasted only by the professional jury at the tasting competitions but also by the other visitors of the festival, as the beers from this brewery will be available in Hall T, too.