After a year,
Sakhalin brewery SaBEER Nagieff
returns to the Festival

From Sakhalin, the largest Russian island situated in the North Pacific Ocean, more specifically in its southern part, the brewery SaBEER Nagieff, which belongs to the technology park Nagieff, will come back to take part in the competition.

“The beginnings reach to the past, to the 1990s”, recalls Elena Nagieva. The idea to develop his own production plant in the area of a neglected brewery in the town of Dolinks crossed the mind of young businessmen Sabir Nagiev. As early as 1993, the first line for processing and salting of salmon was put into operation in the former brewery building. Two years later, the plant began to manufacture “pelmeni”, the Russian national meal. Pelmeni are dumplings made from thin dough, most often with minced meat filling. Only four people worked in the establishment at that time.

The brewery, the first in Sakhalin, was launched in 2004 and produced beer using Czech technology. For many years, Jiří Kubeček, the Czech brewmaster, brew beer and supervised the brewery’s production. In addition to beer, the brewery started to produce mineral waters and sweetened beverages in 2007. “We use particularly pure water and our beverages are produced under supervision of the renowned technologist Lenar Gazizullin of Tatarstan. Our beverages have gained a great number of awards”, explains Elena Nagieva.

In 2008, people of Sakhalin could taste the first sausages and delicatessen produced in the new production line for smoked meat products and meat delicatessen. The production of confectionery started in 2011 and three years later, an establishment producing fashionable clothes began to operate. “All workshops have been furnished with cutting-edge equipment that makes it possible to implement daring ideas where complex technological processes are a must”, says Elena Nagieva.

The Sakhalin brewery SaBEER Nagieff comes to České Budějovice with the intention to win.