Kout / The best 2015 GBSA microbrewery

Or "How a mysterious recipe found in the corner created a jewel from Kout" ... Kout Brewery in the Bohemian Forest (Šumava) was established only a few years ago, however even in such a short period the brewery won unprecedented renown.

After the international awards from France, the silver and bronze medal at the Brewer's Seal in previous years, this small brewery in Šumava fully succeeded last year. At the South-Bohemian IBF the brewery won two straight victories and became the most successful microbrewery in 2015.

Many people may be surprised by the mysterious background, which is hiding behind the pretty steep success of this small brewery. In 2001 the owner bought an old dilapidated brewery in Kout at the Bohemian Forest without having a clear idea of how to brew beer. After its reconstruction, he found brewmasters but had no original recipes. Fortune favours the brave who dare acquire. During the reconstruction of a boiler room, an old ledger containing a recipe for the original Koutský Lager was discovered tucked away in a corner. A handwritten text in Gothic script could be deciphered only with difficulty. But they managed, and this excellent original beer from Kout saw the light of day.

And you should know that this small craft brewery from the Šumava Mountains is, according to the experts from the British Men's Journal magazine which has recently selected the elite hundred "top" of the world beers, currently the best producer of Pilsner Lager on the planet. www.mensjournal.com/expert-advice/the-100-best-beers-in-the-world-20141106/koutsky-12