GBSA: 31 beers from Frydlant!

This year, one of the most successful breweries in the long-term GBSA's evaluation, Primator Brewery, has registered the highest number of beers we have ever had from a single brewery. Primator will compete in 18 out of 29 categories.

This record was valid for only one day! It was broken on the same day by Frydlant Chateau Brewery having registered 31 of its products!

The history of this brewery is interesting.

The oldest mention of beer brewing in Frýdlant dates from 1381. Albrecht / Frydlant Chateau Brewery, earlier Clam-Gallas Manor Brew-house, was built around 1558 in the North Bohemian Region at a request of King Ferdinand I. The first owners were the Redern family and the last, just before the nationalization, was the family of Clam-Gallas. In 1950, the national administrator divided it between a dairy (cheese maturation) and fruit and vegetable stores. Four years ago, the entire facility was on the brink of total destruction. Now, the first reconstructed section has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. And it brews great beer!