Five Breweries from Russia!

At least five breweries from Russia are arriving at the GBSA 2016. Two of them are from the city of Zhukovskiy with population of 100,000, situated about 30 km from Moscow.

One Ton (1 Tonna) Brewery won three silver awards in 2014 at the respected Russian tasting competition (Gordost pivovara) organized by the National Union of Russian brewers. Although it was founded just 3 years ago, it already runs three pubs of its own in the Moscow region (Zhukovskiy, Ramenskoe and Zvenigorod).

In 1 Tonna Pub you can have beer from another Zhukovskiy brewery: Clique Brewery.

While Zhukovskiy microbreweries are counting their periods of existence in months, another Russian participant, Trehsosensky Brewery, has been making beer on the lake shore in Ulyanovsk for almost 130 years, since 1888. From the beginning famed for its Czech, Pilsen and Vienna beer recipes it also became the official beer supplier for the Russian imperial court. Last year, the British WBA jury awarded the Trehsosensky brewery Russia Gold Medal in the category of 'Lager-Bock' and Russia Silver Medal in the category of 'Dark Lager'.

Moscow Velká Morava Brewery produces beer maintaining the best Czech traditions, using Czech traditional technologies, Saaz hops (Saaz semi-early red-bine hops) and Czech and Moravian malts. In Moscow, its beer is available at about 30 locations, thus this Czech-Moravian ambassador represents our country really well in Russia. This can be confirmed by several gold awards from Russian brewery competitions.

Bavaria Brewery from North Ossetia (Vladikavkaz) will be present at the GBSA again as in previous years.