Antoš Brewery at GBSA 2016

According to Bohuslav Balbín, a famous Jesuit historian, and his quote from his third book “The Diversity of the Czech Kingdom”, published in 1681 “Beer from Slaný used to be recommended as the number one in Bohemia”.# The Royal City of Slaný can indeed be proud of its long and famous beer brewing tradition. The Antoš family, prominent local citizens and brewers, started to brew beer in the early 16th century. Their favourite drink was exported to the entire kingdom.

The current Antos Family Brewery in Slaný continues the history and tradition and certainly does not disgrace the ancient fame of the local beer. On the contrary! The brewery makes its beer exclusively from the finest locally sourced ingredients, a large part of the production is brewed from Czech hops from the nearby area of Žatec and the famous malt of Haná which is prepared by using a unique floor malting method, the oldest method for making malt. The beer is drawn directly from lager cellars, unfiltered and unpasteurized, in order to retain its unique characteristics and "vividness".

The brewery´s flagship is Fat Bat (Rye India Pale), the absolute winner and holder of The 2014 Gold Brewer's Seal Major Award. This beer is made from rye malt, it is brewed with 4 kinds of predominantly American hops. They add a distinctive, compelling bitterness. Fat Bat won a competition in 2014 with 670 other candidates from around the world, which says a lot in terms of its quality...