The Best from Poland!

As in the past years, Perła - Browary Lubelskie from Lublin will be the biggest Polish star at the GBSA in 2016. This brand belongs to the most successful foreign participants at the Gold Brewer's Seal Awards. In 2010 Perła Export won gold in a very prestigious 'Premium Lager' category and bronze in the category of 'Lager' in 2015. Perła Koźlak earned bronze in the same year (2015) in the category of 'Dark Special'. Perła Summer became the winner in the category of 'Flavoured Beer' in 2013.

Browar w Zwierzyńcu, another Polish participant, also belongs to the Perła - Browary Lubelskie 'brewing stable'.

Reden, Silesian craft brewery from Chorzów is the winner of Birofilia 2013, Polish tasting festival. Their Pilzner Reden dominated the category of 'Pilsner Lager'.

In the same year and at the same festival another Polish participant succeeded. Palacyk Łąkomin, a craft brewery, earned silver for its 'Koźlak' at Birofilia.