The Best from Finland!

Stadin Panimo (Helsinki Downtown Brewery) is an innovative craft brewery located in Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. Stadin Panimo was founded in 1998. Stadin has been awarded many awards in different Finnish beer competitions, of which the most important is probably Suomen Paras Olut Awards (Best Beer of Finland).

Suomen Paras Olut / Major Award:
Stadin Panimo American Lager – „Best Beer of Finland 2014"

Suomen Paras Olut / Further awards:
Stadin Panimo Centennial Pale Ale – Finland's „Best Ale 2011" Stadin Panimo American Pale Ale – Finland's „Best Ale 2012" Stadin Panimo Cascadian Dark Ale – Finland's „Best Strong 2012" Stadin Panimo American Pale Ale – Finland's „Best Ale 2014" Stadin Panimo South Pacific Lager – Finland's „Best Pale Lager 2015"