De Poes, a young brewery but neverthless a winner of many awards, is heading to Budějovice

The anniversary 30th year of the International Beer Festival in České Budějovice (17 - 22 February 2020) will not be missed by the festival newbie, the Belgian brewery De Poes from Tielt in West Flanders.

Although the brewery was founded a mere 5 years ago - in 2017, its beers are proud winners of important trophies bestowed in various international competitions. Stijn David, the brewmaster, favours top-quality home ingredients - local malt and domestic, Belgian hops, which lend to the beer pleasant bitterness and fruity undertones.

This July saw the beers made by De Poes brewery achieve a great success in the World Beer Challenge 2019 in Portugal, where beers the whole world over compete every year. This year’s jury assessed as many as 700 beer samples from various continents. De Poes brewery was awarded four medals - three of them gold and one silver. De Poes Bruin, premium dark beer, won a gold medal even though its production started only early this year. De Poes Export succeeded in the strong category of lagers, winning a gold medal. For brewing this beer, only barley is used, while Saaz aroma hop gives the beer its characteristic fine flavour. The beer is unfiltered and optimally retains the flavour.

Beers from De Poes brewery did well this year also in Lyon, the “capital” of French gastronomy, at the Lyon International Competition 2019. The brewers were awarded two gold and two silver medals. The brewery reaped an amazing success also at Frankfurt International Trophy 2019, where De Poes blond, premium pale beer (alc. 8% vol), won the major gold medal. For brewing this unfiltered high-fermentation beer, brewers use these ingredients: barley, wheat, oat, corn, two Belgian hop varieties, water, herbs and yeast.

This year, i.e. the fifth year of its existence, the brewery has ten important world awards to its credit. As the brewmaster has said, these awards confirm that investments into quality are definitely worthwhile.

De Poes brewery, located in the Belgian town of Tielt, has already registered its award-winning beers for the Festival in České Budějovice: De Poes Blond in the category Unfiltered Beer, De Poes Houblon in the category Premium Pale Beer from Microbreweries, and De Poes Bruin in the category Premium Dark Beer from Microbreweries.